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       Steer O Cell Expanded Polystyrene


     Some examples of what EPS can be used for: 

Pattern Foam  
Hot tub covers  
Custom shapes
Special letters   
Protective packaging  
Insulated box liners
Lamination grade EPS    
RV foam & Radius roofs 

Masonry block fill  
Product fill  
Densified EPS  
Sheet insulation
Tapered roofing

Densities ranging from .9# to 3#

EPS can be cut into virtually any size for any purpose.


Our standard cuts range:

Thicknesses from 1/8 to 25

Widths up to 48

Lengths up to 18 feet

Product information:

Steer-O-Cell is available in both regular and special grades.  The special grade contains a flame retardant to inhibit ignition from a small flame source.  However, it can burn, releasing smoke.  Do not expose to open flame or other ignition source during shipping, storage, installation, or use.  Care should be taken to apply the thermal barrier to the inside leaving space as soon as possible.

Steer-O-Cell complies with the following codes:

ASTM standard C578

HHI 524B Type 1 Class A

HUD/FHA use of materials Bulletin #71

Uniform code (ICBO) Section #1717

UL listed

Basic Code (BOCA) Section #876.5

Standard Code (SBCC) Section #718

National Code (AIA) Section #702.9


Do not use adhesives containing esters, ketones, halogens, aromatic and alphatic hydrocarbons and the like. 
Use only water or latex base paints.