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Steer O Cell Expanded Polystyrene

Unique and Completely Versatile Insulation Products


Since 1951 insulation board manufactured from expanded polystyrene has proved to be an efficient and economical thermal insulation throughout the world.

Expanded polystyrene is made from a polymer which, when exposed to heat creates a uniform and closed cell structure highly resistant to heat flow and moisture penetration.

Following this in-plant expansion process the material is made into blocks which are cured for dimensional stability and cut into board stock and special shapes.

STEER-O-CELL EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE is manufactured by ARVRON, INC., one of the newest and best equipped plants for the production of expanded polystyrene in the country since 1978. Our up-to-date equipment allows the production of highest quality board in lengths to 18 feet. Densities ranging from 1# to 3# per cubic foot are available.

Because of the versatility of STEER-O-CELL, it is impossible to cover here all the many possible applications in depth. The information here is intended to give a general idea of how STEER -O-CELL can work for you. Contact ARVRON, INC. 4720 Clay Ave., SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan directly for detailed information relative to your specific needs.


PRODUCTS           ABOUT US              Contact                 DIRECTIONS                Request Information Form